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Special Offer: Olive Garden Menu Specials – Stuffed Rigatoni with Chicken For Just $11.95

Special Offer: Olive Garden Menu Specials – Stuffed Rigatoni with Chicken For Just $11.95

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant has a couple of Menu Specials at great prices worth checking out currently.

A popular one is the Stuffed Rigatoni with Chicken For Just $11.95 Offer.

The Meal

The Stuffed Rigatoni with Chicken meal consists of Rigatoni pasta filled with Five Italian Cheeses tossed with sliced grilled chicken in a roasted garlic alfredo sauce.


The Stuffed Rigatoni with Chicken Menu Special comes with unlimited salad and breadsticks so it is really worth checking out.

So for just $11.95 you enjoy the meal [Stuffed Rigatoni with Chicken ] and extras [unlimited salad and bread sticks]

Olive Garden Coupons?

The beautiful thing about this offer is that you don’t need any Olive Garden Coupon to partake of it. Simply find out if the Olive Garden location in your area is currently running the offer and have a swell time!

unlimited salad and breadtsicks

Olive Garden Menu – Treat Yourself To Sumptuous Meals With Olive Garden Menu

Treat Yourself To Sumptuous Meals With Olive Garden Menu

Olive Garden restaurant is best known for delivering some of the most delightful and unforgettable dining experience through its menu. The restaurant’s extensive and deliciously prepared entrees will always give you something to be happy about. Not only will customers be treated to some of the best meals a world class restaurant like Olive Garden can provide, they can also look forward to quality and highly nutritious meals. Olive Garden menu is carefully selected to suit all categories of customers; and no wonder the restaurant keeps recording lots of turnout in virtually all their chains spread across several locations.

What’s So Special About Olive Garden Menu?

The management of any world class restaurant that wants to succeed in the business must make the issue of quality meals a priority; and that is precisely what Olive Garden restaurant is has been doing for years. Customers are always guaranteed of quality meals prepared by some of the best hands in the restaurant business. Just like other popular restaurants where customers can have a quick look at what kind of entrees available on the menu; Olive Garden has a menu section on its website where you can appreciate what is in stock for you. Customers can also check out lists of entrees from Applebees menu, Macaroni Grill menu, and Red Lobster menu.

Over the years, the Pizzaiola Meat Sauce has continued to attract lots of customers. The Pizzaiola Meat Sauce features a combination of Italian meat including lots of cheese. Customers are specifically thrilled with the pizza inspired red sauce that increases the cheese flavour. You can also go for the Olive Garden Roasted Mushroom Parmesan, which is an exceptionally delicious meal for customers who delight in quality. The ingredients include; a combination of Parmesan Sauce, and Roasted Mushrooms with dried Tomatoes.

Lunch And Dinner Specials At Olive Garden Restaurant 

Not many restaurants have the ability to match the quality of foods served at lunch or dinner time at Olive Garden. You can try out the restaurant’s Cheese Zita; Forno or the irresistible Chicken Parmigiana, which prepares chicken breaded in Parmesan with Marina Sauce. For a flavour that is unique, the restaurant added the Mozzarella Cheese; all in effort to please its numerous customers.

Olive Garden Recipes - Time To Recreate Your Very Special Meals At Home

Olive Garden recipes are also sent out regularly to customers that have provided their email addresses at one time or the other. So, it simply means that you can recreate your own very special meals just by using Olive Garden recipes. Olive Garden menu recipes can also be printed out from the restaurant’s homepage as well.

You can also check out the Olive Garden nutrition, as well as some of the Olive Garden locations once you get to the restaurant’s official website. Each basic ingredient included in Olive Garden menu is provided for your delight. If you are a weight watcher, you also want to check out if the meal you are ordering has less calories; and this can be made possible by visiting the Olive Garden website.

Olive Garden Coupons

Though, Olive Garden is one of the most customer-friendly restaurants in the United States; there is need to make use of discount coupons to knock down the cost of dining out. You can check out a couple of Olive Garden coupons on the internet, as well as a couple of other places like coupon books and newspapers.